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9 steps on how to make a youtube video

The process of creating a video for YouTube might look complicated, but if you have the right tools and put some thought into it, it’s actually quite straightforward.


Creating a video for YouTube might look complicated, but it’s quite straightforward if you have the right tools and put some thought into it. The following is a list of the steps that you will need to take to upload your video to YouTube:


Step 1: Pick a subject to discuss

When creating one of these videos, choosing a topic for your YouTube video should be the first thing you do. This could be anything from a tutorial on a specific talent or hobby to a review of a recently released product. Choose a subject that you have a strong interest in and that you believe will be of interest to the people who will be reading your work.

Step 2: Write a script

Start writing a script as soon as you have a topic in mind so that you can create a script. This will serve as the outline for your video and will be of great use to you while you are filming it. Be sure to include an introduction, the main body of the speech, and a conclusion, and work to keep the total time under two minutes.

Step 3: Acquire the necessary equipment

You’ll need some basic equipment to make a good video for YouTube. This consists of a camera (the camera on your smartphone will suffice), a tripod, and a microphone. Your smartphone camera will work just fine. Lighting is also very important, so make sure you have lots of natural light or buy some artificial lights to supplement it.

Step 4: Film the video

Now that you have your script, the necessary equipment, and a suitable location, you can begin recording your video. Be sure to keep your camera stable and pay attention to the lighting and angles you shoot from. You can also add transitions and other special effects by using editing tools to modify the video.

Step 5: Edit the video

After filming, you’ll need to edit the video you just shot. This section will cover the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. You can add text overlays, music, and sound effects to your video. A wide variety of free video editing software can be downloaded online, such as OpenShot, iMovie, and Windows Movie Maker.


Step 6: Optimization

Optimize the video before uploading it to YouTube, ensure it has been optimized for the platform. This entails furnishing your film with a title, a description, and tags that will facilitate its discovery by interested parties. At the end of the video, you should also include a call-to-action that encourages viewers to like, share, and subscribe to your channel.

Step 7: Upload your video

After optimising the video, you are ready to upload it to YouTube. Once it has been optimized, you will be able to upload it. Before uploading your video, you must select the appropriate category and level of privacy.

Step 8: Publicity

After you have uploaded your video, you will need to market it to get people to watch it. You should also email it to your friends, embed it on your website, and share it on social media. You may also advertise your video to a larger audience by using the advertising platform that YouTube provides for users.

Step 9: Engagement

After your video has been published, you should interact with your audience by responding to comments, answering questions, and creating new content based on the feedback they provide. Creating a community that is centred on your channel can be accomplished in this manner.


Creating a video for YouTube can be a rewarding and entertaining experience all in one. You can create a video that will engage and educate your audience with the help of the appropriate tools and some advanced preparation on your part. It is important to remember to maintain consistency in the creation of your content and to engage with your audience. Doing so will assist you in expanding your channel and making it more successful.


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